Multinational training CORONAT MASK 2018


7th Regiment “NBC Cremona” – Press Release

Severa, Sep. 17-24, 2018.The final phase of the multinational training Coronat Mask2018 (COMK 18) is currently being carried out. COMK 18 is part of the multinational initiative Framework Nations Concept (FNC) “Cluster CBRN Protection” in which Italy is participating. The training is aimed at developing concrete operative skills that can be performed by a Combined Joint CBRN Defence Task Force – a specialized unit created year by year for NATO for this specific threat. It also aims at training and certifying the specialized teams of the participating countries.

The activities involve simultaneously four different multinational CBRN Task Forces, deployed in Italy, Germany and Czech Republic. They practice in the same framing scenario under the sole direction of the CBRN Command of the German Army. The deployed task forces are evaluated by the NATO Joint CBRND Centre of Excellence in Vyskov (CZ). This is the largest multinational training conducted under the aegis of NATO in the CBRN defense sector as it involves over 1,000 military people from 14 countries of the Alliance. It also witnesses the full engagement of Italy, since its Armed Forces have deployed to Tisa (CZ) a team from the 7thNBC Regiment with sampling skills under the command of the Czech Task Force.

The 7th Regiment “NBC Cremona” – a specialized and unique unit of the Army, dedicated to CBRN defense tasks – is preparing its troops to organize a CBRN-related event on either Italian soil or abroad together with teams from other NATO countries and other Armed Forces. The Regiment is training its specialized units to operate in more and more complex and diversified scenarios. For this project the Regiment has deployed a Task Force (TF) in the training area of Santa Severa’s firing range. The TF has regimental level and specialized assets dedicated to CBRN identification, decontamination, sampling and various other complex systems, such as reconnaissance vehicle VBR-NBC Plus, Mobile CBRN Field Laboratories, and NBC decontamination stations.

The other involved assets are a CBRN team from the German Army, specialized CBRN units from the Italian Air Force, other EOD operative teams and dog teams supported by AVES and by satellite assets from the 232ndRegiment transmissions, which operate under the directions of Posto Comando guiding the 7thNBC Regiment. The goal is to efficiently counteract in any given intervention situation and to increase the interoperability by enhancing the procedures that could facilitate the development of new studies and joint skills.

During the entire phase of the training several scenarios will be simulated, such as the identification of chemical substances in clandestine laboratories, the intervention of specialized CBRN-EOD teams after the discovery of a suspected explosive artifact, and a potential chemical attack at the metro station of “Nu.Bi.Ch.” city. Other relevant activities of the training include the cooperation between CBRN units of the Army in its dual-use function with the Fire Fighters’ CBRN operating teams. This activity aims at increasing the interaction and improving the joint intervention techniques and procedures that are needed to deal with potential CBRN events on national soil.

On 20thSeptember, a realistic and concrete demonstration of the skills practiced during COMK2018 took place in the training area of Santa Severa (RM). The demonstration was also aimed at showing the integration level achieved during the training. It consisted of significant tactical operations which were simulating the rescue intervention of a NBC contaminated individual and his transport in bio-containment, the introduction of the NBC team with an Army Aviation vehicle in a suspected area, and the decontamination of the vehicle used during the activity. Another practiced scenario was the intervention of a K9 team which was then followed by an EOD and CBRN team upon the discovery of a suspected backpack near a storage of chemical substances.


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