CBRNe Country Profile: Australia


The current security situation in Australia could not be fully described without mentioning this season’s fires, which have incinerated more than 2,000 homes and killed at least 25 people throughout the country. New South Wales has been hit the hardest by the fires and Australia’s largest cities have been strongly affected – on the 1st of January the smoke was so bad in Canberra that air quality peaked at 20 times the hazardous level. On the same day the government announced the deployment of about 3,000 army reservists along with aircraft and naval ships being made available to help with the evacuation and firefighting efforts, highlighting the importance of interoperability, both between the Federal State and local States as well as between the Army and the Fire Rescue Services.

Though this article will not focus on the Australian bushfires, we would like to acknowledge the significant work the Australian Fire Rescue Services and Army are providing to limit the impact of this ongoing catastrophe…

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