CBRN(E): With or Without the (E)xplosive


Debates around whether CBRN teams are also responsible for devices containing explosives have gone on for years, hence some groups being CBRN while others are CBRNE. Certain groups will even refer to it as CBRNe, with the lowercase “e” minimizing their association with explosives.

In some cases, hazardous CBRN devices containing explosives often require cooperation between the CBRN team and an EOD team. However, there is the opportunity for a stalemate when it comes to handling or defeating a device if neither team can agree on the correct approach. For example, the EOD team may have protocols limiting their approach on devices that contain radiological elements, and the CBRN team’s protocols may restrict their procedures for IEDs, regardless of whether a radiological threat is also suspected. It is crucial that training between these two groups take place in a safe, controlled environment so the teams can develop cooperative standard operating procedures. Continue reading.