Coronat Mask 2018: The largest European CBRN Field Exercise


Last month, Germany led CORONAT MASK 2018, a training exercise that took place from the 14th to the 27th of September. The extensive multinational exercise brought together 14 allied nations and over 1300 personnel, making it the largest CBRN defense exercise to take place within the EU to date. Due to the increased interest in CBRN defense on a global scale, NATO members have made significant contributions to the development of these annual exercises. CORONAT MASK allowed participating states to train their CBRN capabilities across a wide array of exercises in different CBRN scenarios.

CORONAT MASK is part of the multinational initiative called Framework Nations Concept (FNC), which was introduced to NATO in 2013 by Germany. Within NATO, the FNC is one of the driving forces of multinational defense cooperation. Following the 2008 financial crisis, NATO Member States sought after ways in which forces could be more effective using an already available amount of resources. The FNC structure attempted to bring the topic of defense cooperation among NATO countries to the foreground in order to develop multinational units that are capable of sustaining and preserving military capabilities on a fixed budget. By providing a pragmatic approach to cooperation, states are able to cooperate in a highly agile format while simultaneously retaining their sovereignty. Since its inception, the FNC has been driven, funded and designed by the individual nations. As a result, participating states are able to hold training exercises that coincide with the changing security and defense climate. With these pillars in place, the opportunity to establish the CORONAT MASK exercise became available to NATO member states, in addition to non-member states.

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