Detecting suicide attacks – from research to reality


NATO – It is a world first: technology for the remote, real-time detection of explosives was tested live in an underground station in a major European city. The results were conclusive, paving the way for more widespread use of this technology. It marked the completion of the development and test phase of the Stand-off Detection of Explosives programme, known as STANDEX – the result of four years of joint work between experts from NATO and Russia.

An important milestone has been marked in the cooperation between NATO and Russia in the fight against terrorism in public transport systems. During the live tests which took place last June in the underground railway of a European capital, the STANDEX project was able in real time to both pinpoint a suspect and detect explosives concealed on their body. The alert was activated by an innovative system which also provided analysis of all the data gathered by the different detectors.

The project could help NATO Allies and Russia prevent terrorist attacks such as those carried out on the public transport systems in London, Madrid and Moscow.

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