Editorial by Stephen Elliott, CBRNe Society: Not Too Worried About Nerve Agents? You Should Be…


Toxic – A History of Nerve Agents, From Nazi Germany to Putin’s Russia (Hurst, London) serves as a dark and chilling history of the invention, proliferation and dissemination of nerve agents, written by the experienced, internationally respected chemical weapons counter measures expert Dan Kaszeta. NCT Magazine reviews the latest and most authoritative book about nerve agents – as they were “then” in the 1940s and as they are “now” in 2020.

“Toxic” is the first written comprehensive history of nerve agents. By tracing the spread of these terrible weapons from their origins in Nazi Germany to the modern-day Russian Federation’s intentional use of Novichok in Britain, Kaszeta teaches the reader what they need to know.

Nerve agents are the deadliest means of chemical warfare developed to date, causing certain death through agonizing suffering. The first military-grade nerve agents were carefully synthesised…

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