Endeavor Robotics has received a $15 million order for enhanced unmanned ground vehicle capabilities for the US Government


Endeavor Robotics, the US-based, global leader in tactical ground robotics, is responding to a recent order for the US Government valued in excess of $15 million for upgrades and accessories to support fielded robot systems.  Endeavor Robotics is positioned to rapidly deliver all items and remains dedicated to providing solutions to the US Government and global customers as rapidly as possible due to the lifesaving nature of the company’s products.

“We are proud to respond to the needs of our customers,” stated Sean Bielat, CEO. “We are a highly responsive, customer-focused, agile company that stands positioned to rapidly provide upgrades, accessories, and new platforms whenever called upon by our customers. We remain ready 24/7 to meet the needs of our valued customers, helping them place distance between themselves and the incredible hazards that they bravely face each day.”

Endeavor Robotics has supplied UGVs and life-cycle support to thousands of robotic systems delivered to date to the US Government and over 40 other nations. The upgrades and accessories included in this order greatly enhance the performance of US Government robot assets through leap-ahead improvements to platform communications and command and control systems.

About Endeavor Robotics

Endeavor Robotics’ robots serve in harm’s way around the globe.  To date Endeavor Robotics has delivered more than 6,000 unmanned ground vehicles worldwide and brings decades of experience sustaining, integrating, and developing new end-user identified capabilities for ground robotic systems. Endeavor develops their tactical mobile robots in concert with operators worldwide and systems have been delivered and operated in areas of conflict and in response to natural disasters. Everyday Endeavor’s robots protect service men and women from IEDs, hazardous materials, and other deadly threats. Endeavor Robotics is committed to design, develop and manufacture tactical robotics in the United States, to work with industry leaders and government partners to deliver innovative, reliable, and easy to operate robot solutions. Endeavor’s family of systems include the 5 lb FirstLook®, the less than 20 lb SUGV, the man-portable PackBot®, and the heavy-duty Kobra™. Please visit www.endeavorrobotics.com to learn more.