Environics introduces RanidSOLO


Localizing radiation sources innovatively & efficiently

Environics has recently released its newest device – RanidSOLO – a spectrometric radiation source locator for RanidPro200. The device can be integrated to Enviscreen Operix realtime situational awareness software.

RanidSOLO is the first automated gamma radiation localizer, inside the category of Backpack Radiation Detectors (BRD), that bridges the “missing link” of radiation source localization in field operations. Its high precision automated method is able to calculate the estimated location direction of one or multiple radiation sources in a short time frame of approx. 12 seconds.

RanidSOLO is suitable for mobile measurements, allowing it to be widely used in diverse application fields, ranging from foot patrols in scouting operations, to vehicle integration in case the potentially affected zones are too broad to be surveyed by foot.