Hakim: Participants in NCT Conference Pledge to Support the Syrian Revolution


Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Nazir Hakim met with academics and military experts who participated in an international conference on the non-conventional security threats in Asia and the Pacific (NCT). The conference, which was organized by IB Consultancy, an independent defense and security company, began in Seoul, South Korea on Wednesday.

Al-Hakim said the participants expressed their sympathy with the Syrian people and promised to step up support for the Syrian revolution after hearing an overview of the crimes being committed by Bashar al-Assad against the Syrian people with both conventional and non-conventional weapons such as chemical weapons and the white phosphorous.

IB Consultancy said the Syrian opposition should participate in all international meetings to explain its just cause as this will help make the voice of the Syrian people heard in all international forums. Hakim said organizers of the conference pledged to invite the Syrian Coalition future conferences.

Hakim explained that the goal of participation in the conference was to shed light on the revolution of the Syrian people and their cause in international forums, especially in light of the fact that most participants are academics and military experts in the field of fighting terrorism. Continue reading.