Interview: BG (ret.) William King, Chairman of the upcoming NCT USA 2020 Conference


Why should NCT USA 2020 be the “Not to Miss” USA edition of the NCT events?

Given the threats that America faces today from Wuhan Coronavirus, to Pharmaceutical Based Agents like Carfentanyl and renewed concerns over State and Non-State Sponsored WMD agents like Novichoks and Sulfur Mustard and other novel Chemical and Biological materials that can be used as weapons of mass destruction, it is crucial that Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies, Industry Partners, and Academia come together to discuss and better team on our preparedness and responses. We can no longer afford to just talk about and admire the future threats as they are no longer future. It is upon us to act now.  

How will the location of this year’s NCT USA event make this event more meaningful or valuable – not just “different” – than in the past years? 

Where better to harness the energy and momentum of an action-oriented forum like NCT USA than Edgewood, the location of the CBRN Community’s Science and Technology, Research and Development, Acquisition, and the Mission Command organizations. Teaming with professional organizations like CCDC-CBC just makes sense. 

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