Interview: Mr. Wolf Münchmeyer, CEO AIRSENSE Analytics


What motivated you to become part of the CBRNe world?

My partner Dr.-Ing. Andreas Walte and I met at the Technical University of Hamburg. There, we both developed and shared a great passion for the field of analytical chemistry. This became a passion for us, in the sense that it combines a variety of technical scientific skills and, of course, the desire – or need– to create something practical that benefits an end-user; in this case, one’s health or evenone’s life. 

The team that developed the first mobile mass spectrometer for the autonomous assessment of CWA was originally the professor – Dr. Walte – and the Institute. So many things we accomplished at the Institute in those days were already related to safety and security solutions. One of the first projects of the company was based on the cooperation with the Federal Department for Civil Protection and Disaster Managementin Germany. 

What is AIRSENSE Analytics’unique role for CBRNe professionals?

AIRSENSE Analytics is a fast-growing company making detectors mostly for chemical substances. The technology was developed with civilian applications in mind, such as in cases of first response, public events or occupational health situations.  Civilian tasks are more demanding in the sense that they normally require recognition of…

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