Interview with Lt. Col. Gomez, the Director of the Engineers School of the Uruguayan Army


Lt. Col. Robert Fabian Gomez is the Director of the Engineers School of the National Uruguayan Army. He will be one of the speakers at NCT South America in Bogotá, Colombia, taking place on February 4th and 5th, 2020

Could you briefly introduce the Uruguayan Army Engineers School and talk to us about your role as its Director? What are your main responsibilities with regards to demining and EOD?

The Uruguayan Engineers Army School was created on June 7th, 1988. Its main mission is to train and further develop the skills of Military Engineer Personnel for the purposes of specialized activities, as well as to instruct military personnel from other Forces on the activities and training of the Army Engineers.

As the Director, I am responsible for issuing, planning and coordinating the Engineers School’s general directives on teaching, training and overall instruction. The director is also responsible for the planning, structure and practical implementation of the training of the humanitarian demining and UXO disposal operation supervisors as well that of the demining squads in charge of the detection and identification of unexploded ordnances. Moreover, …

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