NCT CBRNe Asia 2013


NCT CBRNe Asia 2013

Countries from Central Asia to the Pacific are increasingly threatened by CBRNe agents, WMD proliferation, natural disasters and terrorism. IB Consultancy is committed to supporting society in the prevention, preparation and response to non-conventional threats. After the inaugural NCT CBRNe Asia 2012 event in Bangkok, this year’s forum in Kuala Lumpur provided an outstanding platform for the exchange of first-hand information about fundamental CBRNe issues in the Southeast Asian region. Therefore, IB Consultancy assembled relevant decision makers, experts and first responders ranging from Turkey to Japan to discuss this enduring threat to international security, including high-ranking Malaysian speakers such as the Honourable Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj. Ismail bin Hj. Ahmad, Secretary General at the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, who opened the conference with an impressive presentation on CBRN threats and response in Malaysia.

Live CBRNe Demonstration

An eventful live CBRNe demonstration at the Fire and Rescue Academy of Malaysia and the outstanding NCT CBRNe Awards Gala 2014 set the stage for the four-day event and deeply impressed the international delegates with a high-level of proficiency, entertainment and recognizable efforts to bring together experts from all around the world in order to establish an international CBRN community.

The CBRNe live demonstration, led by Col Jamal bin Malik from the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces, simulated a peace keeping operation patrol, during which the usage of chemical weapons was reported. While first responders patrolled the suspected area, a series of roadside bombing took place. Immediately, the Malaysian CBRNe Responder Team, consisting of several small sub units, arrived and initiated the whole response, rescue and decontamination processes for personnel and locals. Watching the entire scenario just meters away from wads of smoke, rushing CBRN response vehicles and personnel carrying out decontamination procedures, the attendees of the demonstration were able to witness firsthand first response strategies and approaches in Malaysia.

NCT CBRNe Awards Gala 2013

After the intense experiences of the afternoon, everyone get dressed up in the evening in order to attend the spectacular and sophisticated NCT CBRNe Awards Gala – the official ceremony of the NCT CBRNe Awards 2013, the new industry prizes rewarding excellence of CBRNe products, solutions and developments in the international CBRNe Community. Being presented by an international professional jury comprising CBRN experts and end-users, this year’s inaugural awards definitely rewarded excellency: the Reward Project won the Innovation Award for the most innovative research project and the US Second Line of Defense’s Megaports Initiative won the Capability Award 2013. The two most prestigious Awards were handed out to: Bruker Daltonics’ RAID M-100 Detector, chosen through online voting and live by the Gala attendees for the Community Award 2013; and to DxTerity for their REDI-Dx biodosimetry product, which won the most  esteemed Award: the NCT CBRNe Product Award 2013. With a clear end-user benefit, economic efficiency and an excellent match between requirements and the offered solution, DxTerity definitely convinced the jury.

NCT CBRNe Asia 2013: The conference

 The following two-day conference included – inter alia – presentations from high-level ministers and generals from the Southeast Asian region on national CBRNe response capabilities and requirements, while promoting the need for international cooperation and capacity building in this field.  Most notably was the presentation of Dr Aung Kyaw Myat, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Myanmar, a country that hardly has elaborated on its CBRNe capabilities before. Also other renowned experts such as Maj Gen JK Bansal, Union Minister of State in India, highlighted in a stirring manner the importance of events such as NCT CBRNe Asia to strengthen international exchange of information, best practices and approaches.

Further speeches from Lt Gen Yugala from the Royal Thai Army’s Chemical Department, Laurent Olmedo from the French CEA, as well as Prof Levent Kenar from the Turkish Gulhane Medical Military Academy and Brig Gen Chan-Sup Kim, Commander of the ROK CBRN School in South Korea, initiated highly interesting debates on the most important threats, challenges to R&D and response approaches in the field of CBRN. Together with the professional live demonstration and the prestigious NCT CBRNe Awards 2013, the conference achieved the goal of exchanging thoughts, experiences and solutions between the various stakeholders within the Asian and international CBRN community.

NCT CBRNe Asia 2014 in South Korea

 Next years’ IB Consultancy flagship event, NCT CBRNe Asia 2014, will take place in October in Seoul, South Korea – a country that has CBRNe defence high on its political agenda. This will contribute to the significance of this series of NCT CBRNe Asia events, providing a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world. Check out for news and event updates.


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