New solutions for the clearance of remnants of war


Global Clearance Solutions is currently developing three new platforms, GCS-100, GCS-200 und GCS-300, to better reply to the threat posed from unexploded ordnance. Details of the new products have been presented at Eurosatory 2016. The first machine, the GCS-200, will be presented to the market in the next few weeks.

The hazards faced by local populations have changed significantly due to rapid developments in the geopolitical situation and on-going regional conflicts (e.g. in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Libya). Whereas several years ago the focus was on removing mines buried in the ground, today the challenges are much more complex. In current conflicts, IEDs and landmines are laid systematically to make houses, villages, towns and entire regions uninhabitable. Added to this is the increasing threat to the civilian population from unexploded remnants of war, which will need to be cleared once the conflicts are over. GCS offers a broad range of innovative solutions for eliminating these threats.

GCS’s products are comprised of two components: a platform, and a tool that can be changed quickly depending on the use. These tools range from a robotic arm for IED clearance to a sweeping brush for removing remnants of war. The current platforms are more compact than comparable models, and hence easier to use and transport. With its new product range, GCS employs state-of-the-art technologies, while at the same time relying on tried-and-tested components.

GCS’s product portfolio includes comprehensive client advisory services on the use of a wide range of technologies and different technical areas of application, as well as service, maintenance, logistics and Management.

About Global Clearance Solutions

Global Clearance Solutions is an owner-managed German–Swiss company with a production facility located in Stockach, Germany, near Lake Constance. GCS took over the entire team of former company MineWolf Systems in the summer of 2015, acquiring staff with over 10 years’ experience in the use of mechanical clearance solutions in more than 40 countries. The multinational team has worked together with the United Nations, international NGOs and governments. Philipp von Michaelis and Markus Zurkirchen have used the experience they have acquired since 2004 to drive the reorientation of GCS and prepare the company for new markets and new clients. The company works closely with its clients and has a proven sales, service and support infrastructure in place. The current workforce comprises over 40 experienced employees at locations in Switzerland and Germany.