Nicaragua opposition group takes responsibility for ‘military actions’ after a series of explosions


(Reuters) – A Nicaraguan opposition group claimed responsibility on Sunday for “military actions,” after a series of small explosions struck the country, including one that damaged a bridge leading to Nicaragua’s most important port. 

The blasts could mark a turning point in the tactics of the Nicaraguan opposition, which have been largely peaceful since protests broke out in the Central American country in early 2018. 

At about 8 p.m. on Saturday, a blast took place on the bridge to Port Corinto, leaving cracks in its structure, witnesses told Reuters.

In a statement distributed on social media, the Nicaraguan Patriotic Alliance (APN), a little-known group opposed to President Daniel Ortega, said it executed “a series of actions of a military nature” on Saturday. 

Around the time the explosion occurred on the bridge, blasts could also be heard in the capital, Managua, and the nearby city of Masaya, according to local media reports. No damage was reported in either of those cities.

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