Residents near Harvey-damaged chemical plant wary of water


CROSBY, Texas (AP) — The skeleton crew at Arkema’s chemical plant knew it was time to go by the morning of Aug. 29.

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey had knocked out power. Thousands of gallons of chemical-laden water had spilled into the floodwaters. Soon, the company’s stores of volatile organic peroxides would overheat and produce fires noxious enough to make first responders vomit. The last workers evacuated by floating over a 6-foot chain-link fence in a small boat.

A half-mile away, Diane and Nolan Glover knew none of this, until the National Guard ordered them to evacuate.

The retired couple in their 60s were busy trying to protect their belongings from three feet of floodwater and didn’t think to turn on the radio. Read more.