Spanish police capture Europe’s first narco submarine carrying three tonnes of cocaine from Colombia


(The Telegraph) – Spanish police have intercepted what is believed to be the first submarine used to smuggle drugs into Europe and seized a reported three tonnes of Colombian cocaine.

Police sources say that the 20-metre-long submarine, thought to be similar to those used by drug traffickers to transport cocaine from Colombia to Mexico and the US, was detected in waters off the northwestern region of Galicia when its three-man crew got into difficulties due to engine problems.

Before attempting to escape on land at the entry of one of Galicia’s many narrow bays and inlets, the submarine crew deliberately sank the vessel with a large amount of cocaine still on board after reportedly dumping some of their cargo at sea.

Helicopters and flotation equipment have been sent to the area near Couso point, just north of Vigo, but Galicia’s maritime rescue resources are currently stretched due to an ongoing operation to salvage the Blue Star, a chemical tanker that ran aground last week near Ferrol.

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