The CBRNe Cluster at Eurosatory 2014


This year, 1,500 exhibitors, including 89 CBRN companies, and approximately 58,000 professional visitors were expected at Eurosatory 2014, up respectively by 5% and 10% from the previous event two years ago.
IB Consultancy led a number of CBRN-related briefings as part of its NCT Briefings series during the exhibition. The topics included “European Union CBRN countermeasures stockpiling: what are the benefits?”, “Bioterrorism and Anthrax in the European Union: threat of hoax?” and “Robotics in the field of CBRNe: benefits and future applications?”.
CBRN-configured vehicles and innovation were to the fore at Eurosatory 2014. Iveco Defence Vehicles unveiled a new variant of its Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) at Eurosatory 2014 in Paris in a specialist chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance configuration for the Czech LOV-CBRN programme.
A development contract for a lightweight armored vehicle equipped for CBRN reconnaissance, known as LOV-CBRN, was signed in 2010 and the company has now delivered the first prototype vehicle to the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR).
The LOV-CBRN is built on the long-wheelbase version of the LMV and fitted with a CBRN analysis cell. The vehicle is to conduct mobile CBRN reconnaissance and chemical, biological, and radiation observance when static. For this the vehicle is fitted with a CBRN mission kit, including CBRN sensor and an Orpheus AC2 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), an onboard information system, and additional systems for a remote observation post carried on a Clearmont Automotive CL ARM 35 KV towed trailer.

Part of Saab’s networked CBRN systems included a CBRN-configured concept vehicle also based on the Iveco LMV that was equipped with the Saab Automatic Warning System (AWS) and a variety of sensors for the detection, sampling and carriage of CBRN and/or toxic industrial materials (TIM). The equipment can be customized for any light to mid-size vehicle and Saab’s Martin Nyberg told CBNW that the company has an undisclosed export customer for the system.

Germany’s Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) and the Austrian company Achleitner have built a prototype mid-size armoured vehicle which was shown at Eurosatory configured for a CBRN-reconnaissance role. The 4×4 Survivor R shown was equipped with a comprehensive suite of CBRN detection equipment including an OWR sampling system, a Bruker MM mass spectrometer and a RMMV NBC Inspector.

The UK company Gallay Ltd exhibited a new modular CBRN airflow filtration system designed to filter biological warfare agents, as well as industrial toxic chemicals. Lighter and smaller than competing products due to its removable HEPA lining filter and brushless DC motors, the modular system gives customers a wide choice of options and customization.

Proengin launched its new combined biological and chemical detector for mobile platforms, the AP4C-VB. This single sensor continuously detects toxic gases and living particles and gives alarm in real time. Unidentified agents, or Non Traditional Agents (NTA), can be detected by the AP4C-VB flame spectrometers as well as an unlimited number of toxic industrial gases.
When mounted on the exterior of a vehicle, the AP4C-VB is designed to be opened without any type of filter to be changed or any piping driving contaminated air into the crew cabin.

Israel’s Beth-El System showed its EPCS 180 VM-3, a compact modular ventilation/NBC filtration system combined with an air conditioning unit to provide humidity and temperature controlled clean air to a vehicle crew compartment. In addition, carbon monoxide filtration is integrated with the system that cleans the air from harmful gases caused by weapons’ firing stations.
Beth-El EPCS 180 VM-3 is designed to protect the vehicle and crew with constant protection in both traditional conflict scenarios as well as combining asymmetric threat scenarios by enabling permanent operation due to longevity of filters reliable design.

Another Israeli company, Supergum Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of CBRN protective solutions for military, civilian, and Homeland Security applications, presented a range of high quality CBRN protective solutions at Eurosatory 2014. The Company has been a supplier to the Israeli Defence Force for 30 years, meeting the most stringent military specifications, with its products in use worldwide. The company specializes in respiratory and skin protection systems including disposable suits, over pressure hoods and protective footwear.

ECA Robotics CAMELEON CBRNe is a small tracked Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) equipped for CBRN detection, sampling and investigation designed for the protection of first responders. In addition to a 360 degree video camera and integrated mast pan and tilt video cameras, CAMELEON is equipped with multiple chemical, radiological and explosive sensors including a pyrometer, gas and liquid sample collector, universal radiological sensor support (Gamma, Neutron, radiometer) and universal chemical sensor support (explosimeter, PID, TIC, CWA, multigas) In CBRNe configuration, it has pre-defined manipulator arm movements as a piloting aid. The UGV’s major task is to keep operators safe during measuring of explosion risk and dose rate sampling.


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