908 Devices’ Ground-Breaking High Pressure Mass Spectrometry Technology Wins (TASIA) 2013


908 Devices, an innovator in point-of-need chemical analysis, is delighted to announce that M908, the world’s first and only handheld high pressure mass spectrometer, has been voted first place winner in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIA) 2013. The awards select a single winner and recognize a short-list of the top 15 advances from across the broad field of analytical sciences. Showcasing the wide range and level of progress across the industry, the awards include diverse breakthroughs as 3D Gas Chromatography systems, live cell RNA detection innovations and new laboratory MS platforms. In singling out 908 Devices’ initial product, the award demonstrates the impact small, simple and robust mass spec analysis will have for first responders in safety and security and HAZMAT applications today as well as the future transformative impact HPMS will have on a range of research and industrial applications.

The TASIAs recognize products that enhance sample preparation, separation, identification, qualification or analysis and contribute to making the world safer and the diagnosis of disease more effective. Nominations were submitted by the readers of The Analytical Scientist and the shortlist was selected by a panel of three independent experts and the publication’s editorial team. 908 Devices was named #1 from the short-list, which included advances from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker Corporation and Waters Corporation.

Commenting on the technologies recognized in the 2013 TASIAs, editor of The Analytical Scientist Rich Whitworth said, “limits of detection are the benchmarks of safety, and fast, accurate clinical diagnostics save lives – in other words, what we measure today, we can improve tomorrow.”

M908 is a chemical detection tool that is handheld, battery operated and ten times smaller and lighter than any other commercial mass spectrometer device. 908 Devices’ revolutionary High Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS™) technology enables M908 to operate much closer to atmospheric pressures than conventional MS systems using patented, micro-scale ion traps in a package designed for MilSpec ruggedness and reliability. HPMS™ technology combined with M908’s unique, integrated algorithms provides the selectivity to detect and identify hundreds of target threats with low false alarm rates and single second sensitivity at low ppb levels – actionable intelligence with push button operation. Weighing 3.75lbs, M908 is purpose built for the detection and identification of trace levels of chemical weapons, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), explosives and drugs in safety and security applications.  Currently completing successful field trials and third party testing, M908 is scheduled for general availability in 2014.

CEO of 908 Devices Dr Kevin J. Knopp commented on the results of the awards:

“We are delighted to have had our technology recognized in these awards. Our customers within the safety and security market need accurate, reliable and actionable intelligence in detection of chemical and explosive threats. Addressing that need, we have harnessed the powerful capabilities of mass spectrometry into a truly handheld device that will dramatically change the way these threats are detected and identified. Beyond safety and security our HPMS™ technology offers an analytical platform for life science research, food safety and a host of other applications that will benefit from small footprint analysis on the workbench or handheld field operation.”

Winning the 2013 TASIA follows earlier recognition for three of 908 Devices’ key scientific contributors. In October, Scientific Founder Dr. Michael J. Ramsey and Advisory Board members Dr. David R. Walt and Dr. Alan G. Marshall were all named on The Analytical Scientist 2013 annual Power List, recognizing the top 100 most influential figures in analytical sciences worldwide. Inclusion in the Power List demonstrated the scientific expertise and experience that is driving the development of the 908 Device’s innovative technology.

To find out more about 908 Devices and the development of miniaturized mass spectrometry tools please visit their website or send an email.

More information about the The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards and the full Power List can be found here.

The TASIA Winner and Runners-up

#01. 908 Devices / M908

#02. Thermo Fisher Scientific / Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS

#03. Merck Millipore / SmartFlare RNA detection

#04. Shimadzu / Barrier Ionization Discharge GC detector

#05. Bruker / EVOQ Elite LC-MS

#06. Waters / Acquity QDa detector

#07. Shimadzu / LCMS-8050

#08. Cambridge Epigenetix / Oxidative Bisulfate Sequencing

#09. Ocean Optics / Raster Orbital Scanning for Raman

#10. Agilent / Inert Flow Path GC

#11. Indigo Biosystems / Ascent 2.0 Chromatography software

#12. VWR/Hitachi / Chromaster Ultra Rs UHPLC

#13. University of Messina / 3D Preparative GC

#14. Wyatt Technology / Optilab UT-rEX UHPLC detector

#15. Agilent / 1260 Infinity LC-MS


About 908 Devices

908 Devices is bringing the powerful capabilities of Mass Spectrometry out of the confines of centralized laboratories. 908 Devices’ products range from rugged, handheld chemical detection tools to compact, dedicated analyzers for researchers, serving a range of industries including safety and security, food science, biotechnology and clinical diagnostics. Founded in 2012 by a proven team of industry and technology veterans, 908 Devices is based in Boston’s Innovation District.


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