The CBRNePortal.com – A vision of IB Consultancy

IB Consultancy is proud to present the CBRNePortal.com, providing the CBRNe Community with a modern platform to share news, knowledge and opinions. The Portal is updated almost daily with news from the web, articles written by IB Consultancy staff and associates and with industry news provided by the CBRNe industry. The CBRNePortal.com aims to bring together professionals in the field of CBRN and E in one online community. It will also connect policymakers and non-proliferation stakeholders with responders and security professionals, forging a link between the world of treaties and policies, and the world of practical response.

What will be on the CBRNePortal.com?

  • Articles written by IB Consultancy consultants and associates
  • Articles published in the NCT/CBNW Newsletter
  • Industry news whereby companies can publish their press releases and articles at no cost
  • Articles and news collected from the web
  • CBRNe twitter feed
  • Full event listing of CBRNe events

Contribute to the CBRNePortal.com!

You can submit articles, press releases and news items to the CBRNePortal.com articles.

For questions, remarks and contributions, the CBRNePortal.com editorial staff can be contacted via [email protected]

Advertise on the CBRNePortal.com!

You can also advertise on the CBRNePortal.com. Online advertising provides a wide reach and the ability to deliver effective, targeted marketing messages to your exact audience. The CBRNePortal.com is the place to go for information on CBRNe and hence attracts the right audience for CBRNe related products and services. The advantage of online advertising with IB Consultancy is that you receive monthly reports on your advertisement performance: number of impressions, visitors and number of clicks.

If you are interested in advertising on the CBRNePortal.com, please contact the IB Consultancy team via [email protected]