Alluviam’s Mobile Counter-Terrorism Decision Support System Gets Major Product Update


HazMasterG3, Alluviam’s flagship counter-terrorism decision support system delivering key new capabilities and database updates, is now available

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 4, 2016 – Supporting responders in the war on terrorism, Alluviam’s HazMasterG3 decision support system Version 20 is now available. The system now includes critical new tools and major updates to key guidance when responding to chemical, biological, radiological or explosive threats.  Enhanced sensor integration provides key insights into what is likely being made from a set of chemicals found in a clandestine lab.

Building on the best practices taught by Tom Gersbeck in his book “Practical Military tp7ex-largeOrdnance Identification”, HazMasterG3 now includes interactive tools and checklists to provide responders, certified public safety bomb technicians and explosive ordnance disposal teams with enhanced guidance when called upon to identify threats posed by military ordnance.  Additionally, more than 10,000 fields within HazMasterG3, with a total database of over 167,000 chemical, biological, radiological and explosive threats have been updated, assuring that responders have the most up-to-date guidance available.  Updated mixture algorithms provide enhanced insights when predicting chemical reactions, mixture outcomes or attempting to attribute a specific set of chemicals to a specific narcotic, chemical warfare agent or explosive formulation.

This release also includes free tools to let organizations leverage facility pre-plans, known as
Tier2 plans, on their mobile devices directly within HazMasterG3 without depending on any internet access or third party services – key when responding to major incidents that may degrade remote communications.

About Alluviam LLC

Founded in 2002, Alluviam LLC challenges the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system by delivering unique actionable insights unavailable on any other mobile platform.  Adopted by the US Military, NATO, coalition partners and other civilian, intelligence and military agencies, HazMasterG3 puts state-of-the-art decision support in the hands of those that need it most.  Only HazMasterG3 provides full capabilities on MS-Windows, or as an app on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  HazMasterG3®, our flagship product, and its associated patented technologies have earned certification and designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an approved product for homeland security as the only mobile anti-terrorism technology of its kind.

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