APR Gas Mask, a provider of gas masks and air purifying respirators, announced on Thursday that it launched a new website to ensure individuals throughout the world can access CBRN masks.

The site allows users to browse a selection of gas mask products with a range of prices and safety features. The website is meant to allow users to easily scan the selection of masks and filters being offered and examine details like field of view, weight, protection factor and size.

APR Gas Mask also allows users to purchase gift certificates to give their loved ones the gift of CBRN protection without knowing which model the individual would like best.

The site is protected by Rapid SSL and has received privacy, business and security certification from Trustify. APR Gas Mask’s site is also PayPal verified, which allows shoppers to do business without transferring any personal banking information during transactions.

“With the ability to order the best CBRN gas masks at a very affordable price and have them delivered to your home or place of business, APR Gas Mask is one of the best options you have for all your gas mask, air purifying respirators and filter needs,” APR Gas Mask said.

APR Gas Mask provides a variety of gas masks that can be put on in the event of a CBRN emergency.