ARGON ELECTRONICS UK LTD Exhibiting at Levels of Fidelity Exhibition, Walenstadt, Switzerland, October 19-21 2015


Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd, the world leader in simulation systems for chemical, biological and radiological detectors, is exhibiting at the tenth iteration of Levels of Fidelity, the regular exhibition and conference on military modelling, training and simulation which takes place this year in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

The company will be demonstrating a range of chemical simulators, radiation simulators and its newest version of PlumeSIM, a training system specifically designed to meet the need for simulating the detection of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emissions in both table top and live field exercises. All of the Argon simulators are compatible with PlumeSIM.

Launched in September 2015, the next generation PlumeSIM is Argon’s globally used training system for CBRN response. This portable system enables remote instructor management of a variety of different CBRN detector/meter simulators and multiple personnel under a fully-configurable “virtual plume” in real time and over user-selected mapping. PlumeSIM can be deployed both in the classroom, where hand-held gaming controllers are used, and out on exercise, with body-worn player units which track location, monitor activity and maintain communication with the exercise’s controller. During Levels of Fidelity SAAB Training Systems will be demonstrating how Argon CBRN training systems can be integrated with the SAAB Gamer training system with a Live CBRN exercise.

Argon Managing Director Steven Pike explains “PlumeSIM allows an instructor to define a plume or hotspot based on a variety of specific substances or chemical agents and implement different release characteristics, such as persistence or duration, as well as being able to determine precise environmental conditions and other external factors.”

PlumeSIM is already in use with the UK, US and Canadian armed forces, and there is interest growing in Europe, North America and Asia.

The M4 JCAD / LCD3.2E-SIM is the simulator version of the Smiths Detection compact and lightweight Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) detector which can be hand-held or mounted on a fixed platform. The training device can simulate wind direction and temperature changes, as well as levels of contamination, decontamination and persistency of toxic substances. In monitor mode, the LCD3.2E-SIM can replicate detection of traces of nerve, blister, choking or blood agents, and in survey mode, the simulator can be used to train how to check cargo, equipment, facilities and for survey / reconnaissance training.

The M4 E1 JCAD / LCD3.3-SIM is also a simulated Smiths Detection CWA and TIC detector incorporating both monitor and survey modes and comes with an external survey nozzle for training in the detection, identification and measuring simulated chemical agents and teaching the wearer to recognize threats.

Also on the Argon stand is a range of simulation probes for use with the Canberra AN/PDR-77, VDR-2 and RDS100 family of radiation system survey meters, which are widely used by organisations worldwide. Argon’s external simulation probes are able to simulate the detection of Alpha, Beta and Beta/Gamma radiation.

Steven Pike is available for interview during Levels of Fidelity. For further information, please contact Georgia Pickering at CMS Strategic [email protected] +44 (0) 20 8899 6734