European CBRN Mapping Report available


The “Mapping Report on the Legal, Institutional, and Operative Framework Concerning Response to CBRN Threats in Italy and in other 10 EU Member States identifies and analyses in a comparative perspective EU Member States’ institutional and legal framework governing the response to CBRN emergencies or crises affecting their territories. It also maps the technical-operational procedures and practices adopted by national law enforcement authorities, incident commanders and other first responders in dealing with these emergencies or crises.

Since the relevant institutional, legal and operative framework in the surveyed States, alongside the specific norms and procedures it consists of, have been established according to international obligations, the “Mapping Report” presents also a broad overview of these obligations and discusses how they have been implemented at the domestic level.

The Report’s main goal is to present the similarities and differences between the institutional, legal and technical-operational approaches to CBRN events in the countries surveyed, as well as to identify potential gaps and best practices. It also proposes specific recommendations to improve the EU existing legal and cooperation frameworks dealing with response to CBRN emergencies or crises.

The pdf version of the “Mapping Report” is available here under a creative commons license.

The “Mapping Report” arose from a study carried out within a European Commission (DG HOME)-funded research project called “Strengthening CBRN-response in Europe by enhancing on-site cooperation between safety and security organisations: an Italian pilot” ( The project aims to implement the EU CBRN Action Plan in Italy and more specifically the coordinated and integrated actions of first responders and law enforcement agencies in a CBRN incident. Two table top exercises have already been organised in Italy and in Estonia to exchange practices and identify critical points. The project partners (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, University of Rome-Tor Vergata and the Italian National Fire-Fighters Corp) will then develop a set of CBRN response guidelines to be integrated into the existing HSN Guidelines and will deliver an outline of training curricula on ‘CBRN security incidents’ for Italian law enforcement agencies and first responders.


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