CBRN stakeholders met in Mikkeli – The Goal is to develop the Finland CBRN performance


CBRNE Advisory Board gathered the Finnish CBRN stakeholders, the Finnish authorities, researchers and industry actors in Mikkeli to work with the Finland’s future CBRN performance.
The seminar was opened for the first time in the open and shared dialogue between the Finnish Defence Forces and domestic industry actors. “CBRN-area has progressively worked to develop the Defence Forces performance. This kind of dialogue between the Defence forces and interest groups is implemented in the first time in the Defence Forces”, says the Army’s Head of Material sector. The purpose of dialogue is to create a common vision of the CBRN needs and possibilities. CBRN threats could cause in cross-border, rapidly spreading and whole society affect crises. Also, non-state actors to influence conflicts are growing and the existing agreements and their borders stretching are worrying trend.

Future CBRN performance seminar dealt with the Armed Forces future policies and objectives of CBRN performance of, as well as opportunities for cooperation. – Understanding of Finland future CBRN needs is extremely important to the field of research and product development. For Defense forces it is also equally useful to hear the current industrial solutions as well as to get realistic information of cost for developed solutions and constraints. Cooperation between the authorities and the multi- material compatibility raised several times across the day and experts workshop presentations, says program director Toni Leikas Miktech Ltd.

The seminar participated representatives of ia. The Finnish Defence Forces HQ, Army and Navy HQ, Defense Material Administration HQ and the Defence Forces Technical Research Centre. There was also a CBRN experts from University of Helsinki and Eastern Finland, VTT –Technical Research Centre of Finland, STUK – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and Rescue Collage, as well as in the field of domestic industry enterprises. The themes for the day covered topics such as the CBRN reconnaissance concept, CBRN sensor systems as well as future soldiers CBRN performance. – The seminar was great success. Dialogue with stakeholders is now open. The work is to continue the meetings with selected more accurate themes, says Leikas.

Seminar was held in Mikkeli at 15th of May.

More information:

Mr Toni Leikas CPT (ret.), Executive Director, CBRNE, Innovation and Technology Center Miktech Ltd., +358 440 361 628, [email protected]

Miktech Ltd. is an innovation and technology center in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. Miktech promotes research and business, with an emphasis in the creation of new technology solutions, growth and internationalization of innovative companies. It coordinates strategic business development clusters of the City of Mikkeli, and has an important role in the development of the region. Miktech also provides services with an international scope for example for business collaboration between Russia and Finland.

The Finnish CBRNE Advisory Board including members from government, business and science. The participanst of CBRNE Advisory Board from the ministries are Ministries of Defence and the Interior, Police, Rescue Department and Technical Research Center of Finland.

CBRN Finland is a consortium of world leading Finnish CBRN companies, specialized in cost-effective ways to create and develop step by step CBRN performance by modular and compatible solutions. The CBRN Finland member companies – Environics Oy, Mirion Technologies (RADOS) oy, Suomen terästekniikka (Mavatech) Oy, TEMET Oy ja Miktech Oy – have large scale CBRN expertise with international customers, combined with strict technical requirements since 1950’s. Long experience guarantees our quality and competence. The companies aim to improve CBRN safety with their products and services. CBRN Finland wants to develop the cooperation and common concepts of the member companies as well as to tighten national and international cooperation among authorities.


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