CBRNe Country Profile: Syria

Shelling in Homs, Syria Smoke drifts into the sky from buildings and houses hit by shelling in Homs town. 09June 2012

Syria, home to the longest inhabited capital city and one of the most diversely populated countries in the region, has been caught up in a civil war that has been raging on for seven years. In that time, 5.6 million have fled the country and more than six million are internally displaced. The war has been increasingly complicated by a mix of alliances, the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, trotted down political relations and has made the hope for peace fade rapidly. To add to the situation, Syria has also seen the widespread use of explosives and chemical weapons against civilians. The CBRNe defense and response capabilities of civilian first responders inside Syria were practically non-existent before the war began, and not much has changed. Continue Reading.