Does This Under-the-Radar Company Hold the Key to a Zika Vaccine?


All eyes are on Brazil and not just because of the summer Olympics in Rio.

Although it has been one of the world’s most successful emerging economies, Brazil faces corruption at the highest levels, stunted growth and mounting debt. And then there is the Zika virus.
 Northeast Brazil was the epicenter of last year’s Zika outbreak, which has since spread to several other parts of the Americas.
Initially transmitted through the bite of the Aedes species mosquito and spread through sexual contact and childbirth, Zika has earned the status of Public Health Emergency of International Concern from the World Health Organization.
As a result, pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a vaccine to arrest Zika’s spread. Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities for investors, including shares of one under-the-radar company, VBI Vaccines (VBIV). Continue reading.