Drone and Robotic Support for CBRN/EOD Missions, by Maj. Povoden of the Austrian Armed Forces’ CBRN Defense Center


Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) can be very supportive for CBRN EOD operations for various reasons. Generally, a UAV is much quicker on-site than people when it comes to conducting initial reconnaissance. The UAV can be enhanced with specific sensors to check if any CBRN hazard is present. This works very well for radiological threats and, with some limitations, for chemical hazards. As soon as a robotic system or a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) is on site, the aerial view of the UAV together with the UGV operator’s view and information is a big advantage compared to conventional robot-only based operations. With UAV guidance, the UGV operator can manoeuvre the robot more accurately, which is especially relevant when the UGV is able to take samples or has the capacity for chemical detection of small-scale contamination.

A crucial point in an EOD operation is the reconnaissance part. A UAV is capable of the detection of suspicious movements and behaviour of individuals…

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