Environics has recently launched a new product for mobile CBRN surveillance, EnVision GOSSAMER. The new ground operating system is based on the solution developed and delivered for the Finnish Defence Forces.

The EnVision GOSSAMER is a ruggedized, field deployable sensor network formed by CBRN measuring and data processing units, command and control posts with advanced CBRN system software and related radio communication systems and power supplies.

The mobile CBRN surveillance system can be used for military missions in national or international crisis management and for supporting other authorities in monitoring of accidental or intentional releases of airborne hazardous chemical and biological substances and radiation.

To learn more about our new product, please visit www.environics.fi/envision-gossamer.

About Environics Oy

Environics Oy, established in 1987, based in Mikkeli, Finland, is the world leading supplier of Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiation (CBRN) detection devices and integrated system solutions for personal safety and national security. Environics provides innovative solutions for the whole safeguarding society from civil defense and homeland security to the military.


To learn more about this contract, please contact:

Ahti Luukkonen
VP Sales and Marketing
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