Environics received another purchase order for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle


Environics has received a new purchase order for CBRN reconnaissance vehicle from Indonesian Ministry of Defence. Environics has already delivered three similar CBRN reconnaissance vehicles to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence between 2015-2017. The fourth vehicle delivery will take place in 2018. Vehicles includes equipment for detecting, identifying and sampling CBRN agents in a safe, protected working environment.

About Environics Oy

Environics is a Finnish company with 30 years of experience from improving CBRN safety around the world with its in-house technologies and system solutions. Different safeguarding organizations in 50 countries, from civil defence and homeland security to the military, have already chosen us as their partner in CBRN threat detection.


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Samuli Kirjalainen

Area Manager

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(M) +358 50 347 4702