EOD in Libya, Syria and the Caucasus: New Speakers at NCT eXplosive Europe 2015


Taking place from September 22-24 in Belgrade, Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian Mine Action Centre, NCT eXplosive Europe 2015 will not only be the place to be for meeting major demining stakeholders in the Balkan this year – it will also enlarge its focus on current conflict regions in the Caucasus and the Middle East. Besides countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo visiting the event with delegations, a list of major Humanitarian Demining Organizations confirmed to present their regional activities at the conference, including:

  • Roman Tursic, Head of Libya and Afghanistan Implementation Offices, ITF
  • Andrew Moore, Desk Officer Balkans & Caucasus, HALO Trust
  • Darvin Lisica, Regional Director Southeast Europe, Norwegian People’s Aid
  • Iztok Hocevar, Programme Manager, Humanitarian Mine Action in Lebanon, DanChurch Aid
  • Samuel Paunila, Advisor, Ammunition and Operation Efficiency, GICHD

Together with representatives from 12 countries, they will give an overview of specific ERW and UXO disposal missions including Libya, Lebanon, Mali, Turkey, Syria and Georgia. Obviously, NCT eXplosive Europe 2015 will also give in-depth insights in current demining strategies, procurement plans and capabilities in the Balkans given by representatives from regional Mine Action Centers.

In addition, the event will include a live EOD exercise taking place on September 22 and an in-depth analysis of IED and terrorist related threats to public security, military personnel and critical infrastructure in Europe. Respective presenters at the event include:

  • Colonel Helmut Heck, Director, C-IED Center of Excellence, Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command, Germany
  • Joerg Hillmann, Capability, Armament &  Technology Directorate, Head of Unit Land and Maritime Domains, European Defense Agency
  • Phil Cordaro, Defeat the Device Branch Chief, NATO C-IED Center of Excellence
  • Arno Pugonen, Chief of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Estonian Rescue Board
  • Rob Martens, EOD Battalion Commander, Ministry of Defense, the Netherlands

In order to get regular updates on the full speaker line-up, the conference program and the live demonstration, visit our website www.explosiveeurope.com or contact our team via [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you in Belgrade!