FLIR Announces Educational Resource, “FLIR PRIMED” for CBRNE and HAZMAT Responders

This week FLIR announced the launch of its new educational resource, FLIR PRIMED – Prepare, Recognize, Input, Monitor, Experience, Decision – a free, online tool that provides First Responders with best practices for HAZMAT accidents and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and/or Explosives (CBRNE) attacks.

Throughout FLIR PRIMED’s video series, Grant Coffey, retired Portland Fire & Rescue Hazmat Team Coordinator and CBRNE expert for nearly 40 years, delivers industry insights and real-life experiences, plus each episode will conclude with a free field checklist, or downloadable guide, to increase subject knowledge for a safer and more successful response.

The first three episodes of FLIR PRIMED, along with free downloadable checklist and guidebooks, is available NOW at

  • Episode 1: PRIMED – A tool you can use right now to stay prepared

– Grant introduces you to PRIMED – a tool responders can use right now to stay prepared.

  • Episode 2: STOP – What are the cues and clues

– When responding to a scene, STOP! Grant discusses the cues and clues responders should pay attention to.

  • Episode 3: RAD – Turn it on and put it on

– Radiation is not well understood. Grant covers the important safety basics responders need to know.

The next seven episodes of FLIR PRIMED will air between April 17 – June 26 on the FLIR PRIMED page.  An additional 20 videos will be release into the second half of 2017, featuring guest appearances by other industry leaders.

Questions or topics viewers would like to see featured on FLIR PRIMED can be submitted to [email protected].