Over the last 18 years Christopher Wrenn, Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing for Environics USA has developed a lot of gas detection courses to help sales teams, customers and others develop a better understanding of gas/vapor detection. He has taught gas detection at over 100 conferences worldwide. His new white paper “Getting the Most from Toxic Gas Sensors” reflects all that he has learned about toxic gas sensors and their use in the first responder community and industry. You can download a FREE copy of this new 18 page whitepaper (Application Note 109) “Getting the Most from Toxic Gas Sensors” from the “News and Resources” tab of www.EnvironicsUSA.com. In addition, “Blowing Up Will Ruin Your Whole Day” and “There is no Antidote for Lack of Oxygen” are previously released whitepapers that have been significantly revised and may also be found with the Application Note whitepapers. Environics offers customized gas detection training programs and “Getting the Most from Toxic Gas Sensors” is one of the modules that can be included in this training.

Environics makes gas & vapor detection products & turn-key CBRN detection networks for civilian & military defense. We protect individuals, buildings, metros, cities and nations from CBRN threats.

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Christopher Wrenn
Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing
Environics USA
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Best to reach me on my cell phone 610-659-4507