Anniversaries are important dates. They mark the return of the Earth to its previous position against the firmament – the completion of a year – they give us the opportunity to reflect on events that were important in our lives, on their significance, and how these events have affected us. March 11 – this Sunday – will mark the eighth anniversary of the great earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan, setting into motion the events that culminated in multiple reactor meltdowns. These events are chiseled into the consciousness of virtually everyone who follows the news and these events have served to engrave even more deeply the fears that so many have of nuclear power.

It is a shame that the world’s focus remains on the reactor plant accidents and the perils of nuclear energy – in spite of the fact that nearly 20,000 were killed are remain missing by the earthquake and tsunami while the reactor accidents have yet to claim a life. From the start the world has focused on the least of the problem facing Japan, leaving the Japanese to find and bury their dead, find homes for those who lost everything, and rebuild tsunami-ravaged cities.

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