Getting the Full Value from CBRN Sensors


The Question

The way to get more reliable and timely warnings for those at risk from CBRN hazards in a way that also constitutes a more cost-efficient use of CBRN sensors is evident from several case studies. The key is using software to integrate the sensors and make their results and the analysis of the implications available to all decision-makers in order to increase the number of people protected from airborne threats. But how?

The Role of Sensors is Crucial

Chemical, Biological and Radiological hazards each need to be handled differently, but they also share some common traits. One of the most significant commonalities is that they are invisible threats that our human senses cannot effectively perceive. As a result, once basic CBRN protection is in place, defense forces and public safety organizations worldwide rely on various forms of sensors to increase their ability to deal with CBRN material. 

In the most basic form, using sensors allows the personnel carrying the sensor to realize that they are in danger and should don their personal protective equipment. This reaction is time-critical, …

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