Hong Kong police get protective upgrade to fight threat of ‘local terrorism’


(Reuters) – Hong Kong, grappling months of sometimes violent anti-government unrest, is about to spend about HK$500 million ($64.3 million) on police protective equipment, including six armored vehicles, to help combat the threat of “local terrorism”.

Police chief Chris Tang was speaking today after the government announced in its budget last week that police funding would be HK$25.8 billion, up 25 percent from the previous year, drawing widespread criticism from pro-democracy activists.

About HK$300 million will be used to buy protective gear, and HK$200 million will be used for special equipment, including replacing six armored vehicles and buying more water cannon. The figure also includes a planned upgrade in protective gear of HK$10,000 for each of its 28,000 frontline officers.

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