IBC Threat Assessment


This is the 41st issue of the IBC Threat Assessment (IBC-TA), which was initiated in November 2014. It is intended to inform our readers about ongoing and emerging CRBNe-threats that need the attention of policymakers, experts and ordinary citizens. If left unattended these threats may result in grave consequences for different sectors of our societies and/or the security of the general population. As the threat environment is constantly changing existing regulations, crisis plans or security protocols are often insufficient and in need of adaptation or review. The TA’s are based on open sources.

End date of collection: November 28, 2018

Topics covered

  • OPCW gets the authority to identify perpetrators of chemical weapon attacks and takes new measures to keep pace with new technological and scientific developments and new chemical weapon threats.
  • Worsening outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo triggers first control trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of experimental drugs used to treat Ebola patients.
  • New Landmine Monitor 2018 available with new statistics and information on the latest developments

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