IBC Threat Assessment: October 2018


This is the 39th issue of the feature called the IBC Threat Assessment (IBC-TA) that was initiated in November 2014. It is intended to inform our readers about ongoing and emerging CRBNe-threats that need the attention of policymakers, experts and ordinary citizens. If left unattended these threats may result in grave consequences for different sectors of our societies and/or the security of ordinary citizens. As the threat environment is constantly changing; existing regulations, crisis plans or security protocols are often insufficient and in need of adaptation or review. Every TA will cover threats for several CBRNe categories. The TA’s are based on open sources.

End date of collection: September 30, 2018.

Topics covered

  • Restrictions on the use of glyphosate are likely to grow in the light of new evidence that it has a carcinogenic effect on humans and may be a contributing factor in the bee collapse syndrome
  • Ebola crisis in Congo DR has worsened in the past month due to insecurity and weak health infrastructure
  • Step-by-step trust-building to get to more specific denuclearization measures in North Korea
  • As violence by non-state actors is often provoked and sustained by states, there is a need for more attention for state-terrorism in statistical surveys

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