YANGON, July 16 (Xinhua) — An explosion of terrorist-planted improvised explosive device (IED) has killed three people and injured one in Maungtaw town in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state, the Myanmar News Agency reported Sunday.

The IED explosion occurred between Pyaung Pike and Nga Sar Kyuu villages in the state Saturday morning when four people were resting on a hill after working on a farm at the foot of the hill.

Security forces rushed to the scene and found the tragedy.

The injured was transported to Maungtaw hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the security forces arrested eight more terrorist suspects in Yathedaung township in the same state during the week and an investigation into the incident was underway.

According to an official statement on the security situation in the state, the military has found increasing evidence of extreme activities in recent weeks with tunnels, guns and a terrorist training camp being uncovered in Bhthidaung-Maungtaw area’s Mayu Mountain.

From last October to July 4 this year, a total of 43 civilians had been murdered in Maungtaw area with 26 others missing or abducted. Source.