In 3 days Peshmerga defused 280 IEDs in 11 liberated villages


Within three days, Peshmerga engineering team defused over 280 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in 11 newly-liberated villages, but the engineering team needs weeks to clear the entire area, said a Peshmerga commander.

On August 14, Peshmerga forces with the support of the US-led coalition warplanes liberated 11 villages from IS in less than two days.

The offensive killed about 130 jihadists.

Mahmoud Kakayi, Peshmerga Commander of the engineering team, belonging to the First Peshmerga Backup Forces, told Kurdistan24 that in the first day of the Peshmerga offensive, their engineering team was in the forefront to defuse IEDs and demine roads for Peshmerga soldiers. Continue reading.