India ready to discuss Nuclear Weapons Convention on lines of chemical weapons ban


India said on Tuesday it is willing to join discussions on the creation of a Nuclear Weapons Convention, that would ultimately ban nuclear weapons.

Such a move would follow a path similar to that of the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlawed an entire category of weapons of mass destruction.

“We believe that this goal (a nuclear weapons-free world) can be achieved through a step-by-step process underwritten by a universal commitment and an agreed global and non-discriminatory multilateral framework,” said India’s permanent representative to the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin at a high-level meeting of the world body to commemorate the ‘International Day for the total elimination of nuclear weapons’ on September 26.

To facilitate the “complete elimination of nuclear weapons,” India encouraged discussions under the auspices of the Conference on Disarmament, which is the world’s single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum

Akbaruddin said that “increasing restraints” on the use of such weapons will “reduce the probability of their use – whether deliberate, unintentional or accidental.”

This increased caution would help in the “de-legitimization” of nuclear weapons, which, India added, is “an essential step for their eventual elimination.”
“There is need for a meaningful dialogue among all states possessing nuclear weapons to build trust and confidence and for reducing the salience of nuclear weapons in international affairs and security doctrines,” he said. Continue reading.