Industry Profile: Kärcher Futuretech


Support for peacekeeping and disaster control.

Kärcher Futuretech GmbH, headquartered in Schwaikheim, Germany near Stuttgart, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG. The company currently employs 125 employees under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Popp, as the Managing Director.

Kärcher Futuretech develops and manufactures CBRN Decontamination, Water Supply, Mobile Catering and Field Camp Systems for military and civil defense operations. Complementary to its innovative product portfolio Kärcher Futuretech provides customer-centric logistical services and training worldwide, even in remote areas. Kärcher Futuretech integrates Kärcher‘s globally valued core competences in the fields of high pressure and burner technology into its high-quality, robust and reliable systems.

Combined, these unique competences have enabled Kärcher Futuretech to achieve a leading position in the industry of CBRN protection and base camp related systems for over 30 years.

CBRN Protection Systems – thorough treatment under hazardous conditions

CBRN threats may occur anytime in many different environments with limited or no early detection possibilities. The known developments in the international military political situation have not only led to a change in the tasks of the armed forces but also modified the spectrum of the present and expected CBRN threats. In addition, there are biological epidemics or terrorist attacks. Such unexpected, sudden situations require immediate, well-planned response. We offer a full range of equipment and systems for the safe decontamination of affected people, vehicles, terrain, high-value devices and sensitive equipment.

Kärcher Futuretech is also a worldwide well-known specialist for CBRN decontamination agents. We offer a complete set of decontamination agents that are fast-acting and highly efficient on a wide range of toxic chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, radioactive particles as well as on ChemBio warfare agents. These agents have been extensively tested with live agent contaminants under various climate conditions, operational scenarios and certified by independent laboratories around the world. Just 1% of all remaining contaminants can still be fatal. Several laboratory tests have proven that specialized agents for each kind of CBRN contamination perform significantly more effective than an all-in-one agent with a broad but individually weaker spectrum of effect.

Safe drinking water for everyone – produced where needed

Drinking water is one of the basic elements every person needs for living. We offer you effective and efficient mobile water purification systems. Depending on the scenario, we are able to deliver adequate solutions based on field proven state-of-the-art technologies which do not require any chemicals for the purification process itself.

Water distribution – get it to the task forces

To increase hygiene and avoid unnecessary transportation costs, the transportationrequired should be reduced to a minimum. We produce suitable mobile water filling systems that help the task forces to greatly simplify the distribution of safe drinking water in the field through bottling and packaging on site.



Mobile Catering – providing the best nutrition under adverse conditions

In order to carry out extraordinary tasks the required task forces must maintain an optimum energy level to enable them to provide emergency aid support under the harshest conditions. We have flexible mobile field catering systems to prepare fresh, wholesome meals during these challenging situations and high volumes of complete meals for a large number of persons. Depending on the field environment and support requirements, we can deliver the most ideal field kitchen solutions for rapid or long-term operations.

Field Camp Systems – complete customized system solutions

Task forces work under the harshest conditions that challenge their physical capabilities. Therefore, an adequate living environment is crucial for recuperation and to maintain their overall well-being. We provide tailored high quality field camp solutions to support the task forces in focusing their energy on performing their professional work. The main field camp components include e.g. laundry, sanitation, catering and water supply.

Our advantages are:

Service – we offer you all the services required for the training, maintenance and repair of our products worldwide. Cost-efficiency – our state-of-the-art technology allows for the best performance combined with minimal energy consumption.

Sustainability – we develop eco-friendly, economically efficient systems, that last longer than the emergency.

Availability – we deliver worldwide directly into disaster zones including service and training on the ground.

Know-how – since over 30 years, we are developing reliable products for the harshest conditions. We have 29 active patents.

Quality – our products are engineered, made and tested in Germany.

Easy to use – we keep the complexity inside our products to gain simplicity on usage outside.