Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) remains the most potent weapon in the hands of terrorists. The IED menace is now rapidly increasing as a single largest abstract enemy of the security forces, cutting across geographical dimensions. Terrorists, today, are more educated, trained, technically sound and innovative. Easy availability of IED components and improved knowledge of fabrication has made it their favorite instrument. The IED threat has even challenged the mightiest armies of the World including that of USA and NATO in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hence countering IED threat has become top priority of every nation so as to reduce the losses due to IEDs/bomb blast. Therefore security apparatus across the globe needs improved counter IED techniques, training facilities and infrastructure to meet this challenge.

India has, simultaneously, suffered deeply by IED menace chiefly exercised by Maoists all across the Red Corridor Zone encompassing many States. The casualty figure on account of attacks by IEDs have progressively increased and adversely affecting the morale of the Security Forces. Existing training facilities in India for countering IED menace are inadequate to meet the challenge. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), being leading force in combating Naxalism in India and simultaneously facing the brunt of IED threat resulting into colossal loss of men and material. CRPF evolved a mechanism for setting up a separate, dedicated institute for countering IED menace catering to needs and requirement of CRPF and other Police Forces of India and friendly countries. The mission of IIM,CRPF is to provide wide spectrum of specialized and technical training that involves all aspects of IED management including search, detection, identification and disposal through realistic, relevant and functional training with attention to details with a view to earn the reputation for excellence and high standards of knowledge and skills.

The Institute of IED Management was formally inaugurated by the Honorable Union Home Minster, Government of India, Sh. P. Chidambaram. The Honorable Union Home Minister applauded the efforts made by CRPF for starting the IIM with international infrastructure and facilities. The salient features of IIM are:
• High-tech Class Rooms
• State of the art Model Room :with models of all major IED incidents across India and even abroad
• IED training Lab: for hands on training on detecting, deactivating/neutralising and destroying IEDs of various types.
• Sand Model Room: to help students training on planning counter IED operations.
• Counter IED range (Urban and Rural): with counter IED exercises, involving security forces, terrorists and by-standers. Use of RF wireless based IEDs which can be shifted from anywhere to anywhere to set new exercises every time.
• Latest counter IED equipments and devices
• Database of different IED incidents: facilities for data management and intelligent assessment/predictions.
• IED Archive :display recovered IEDs from fields to familiarize trainees
• Digital library: case studies and data on recovered IEDs

The IIM, CRPF, Pune (India), a counter IED training institute of CRPF is imparting training to all ranks of CRPF, other sister organizations and Security forces of other Asian countries. Initially IIM is focusing on ToT courses to disseminate and spread the flow of knowledge and skill to the very grass root level in the field areas as fast as possible thereby reducing the loss of men and property to the minimal.

IIM, CRPF, Pune is conducting courses and modules covering all aspects of training catering to the needs of every zone like different technique for J&K, different aspects for Northeast and altogether different approach for Naxal infested areas. IIM Pune also consults other specialized counter IED Institutions and facilities from time to time and conducts seminars and workshops to upgrade and hone the skills and techniques in countering IEDs. Improved efficiency comes from the improved training and IIM CRPF, Pune is evolving as a international centre of excellence by inculcating all ultra modern and latest techniques, tactics and procedures in the field of Counter IED training.

IIM, the brightest jewel in the crown of CRPF is though in its nascent stage nevertheless it has earned laurels and kudos from all quarters of the country. All the premier national investigating agencies look up to IIM for its assistance in different IED related circumstances. In a very short span of two years the institute has achieved the following milestones-
• Trained a more than 2000 trainees of all ranks of CRPF and other security forces of the country.
• Trained the Police Forces of all the Maoists affected states of India.
• Designed and conducted Capsule course for BDDS of various State Police Forces.
• IIM, Pune imparted training to 159 participants of Central Industrial Security Forces who are guarding the various vital installations of the country.
• IIM, Pune also trained senior scientists of Defense Research & Development Organization on Counter IED Trg.
• The Institute Played a pivotal role in cracking the Pune Blast that took place on 1st Aug.2012.
• The Institute contributed in the preparation of SOP of various Police Forces regarding Search, Detection and Neutralization of IEDs in different situations.
• Officers of the Institute visited the various blast sites in the field areas and prepared the instructions for different IED related situations.
• Instructors from the Institute visited the various Trg Centers of India and delivered the guest lectures and shared their rich experiences.
• IIM, Pune contributed in an IED awareness program for the common masses in cities The Institute believes that the society can play a key role in detecting, identifying and alerting the specialized security agencies in countering the IED threat.
• IIM, Pune assisted National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the investigation of Hyderabad twin Blast (21/02/2013) & Bangalore Blast (17/04/2013).
• Officers of the Institute participated in various National and International conferences/seminars and did value addition by sharing their rich experiences.
• Institute of IED Management played a key role in designing and imparting customized training on counter IED during State Assembly election of highly Naxal infested state of Chhattisgarh in India. In run up to the election security forces recovered more than 100 IEDs and more than 500Kgs explosive material because of effective training imparted by the Institute.
• Under the directions of CRPF Headquarters Institute of IED Management identified about 30 training nodes throughout India for conducting Counter IED Training programmes for all the security forces of India in the backdrop of General Parliamentary Election 2014 where speculation of use of IEDs by Maoists guerilla is very high.
India’s quest for peace can only be realized once our country is free from all kinds of threats posed by different anti national forces. Here comes the role of CRPF and IIM. By our professionalism, vision and training we shall be able to defeat the dark forces which are acting against the very ‘idea of India’. The Institute believes that the quality of training needs to be constantly revised with the changing pattern of IED threat. The Institute looks forward to convert and transform the Red Corridor Zone into a No Fear Zone by eliminating IED menace and terrorism. We believe in the words “COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING, KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS, WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS”.