Interview Exclusive featuring Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Frias Barrera from the 601 NBC Company Commander, Armed Forces of Argentina


This month, the editorial team of NCT Magazine interviewed Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Frias Barrera, the 601st CBRN Company Commander for the Armed Forces of Argentina. His interview brought forth knowledge from his years of experience in the security and defense sector in Argentina. Lt. Col. Barrera’s insight into the world of CBRNe gives a unique account of Argentina’s CBRN incident management preparedness and how civil-military collaboration can improve responsiveness in an attack.

Lt. Col. Barrera has served in the Army for twenty seven years. He graduated from the Command and General Staff Course of the Staff College and Joint Staff College with degrees in International Relations and Strategy. In addition to his bachelor studies, Lt. Col. Barrera has followed courses at the USA CBRN School, German Engineering school, and the NATO Engineer Company Command. Recently, he was selected to attend a regional exercise in chemical emergency response in the Dominican Republic, which will take place from October 25-19 of this year. Lt. Col. Barrera is also an advisor in the planning for the Olympic Youth Games and the G20 Summit.

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