Interview: Mr. Martins Saettenes, Founder, Spectac


Why and how did you start Spectac? 

During my 15+ years of serving as an operator, cadre and eventually officer within the Norwegian Armed forces managing the units for operational C-IED and WMD defeat, I noticed a substantial lack of real-life training and lack of the right tools to be able to defeat the non-conventional threat (NCT) we faced both domestically and internationally. Being part of a NAVSOF unit held to the highest standards, we tried to develop strategies and tactics to defeat these treats. With an extended training wing and many branches battling over resources, the idea of starting a company grew. We really wanted to provide the operators with that crucial life-saving training and first-class tools. 

Having led a cross-functional team of foreign nationals during multiple international and domestic operations, we discovered that issues with real-life training and sufficient tools to solve real-life treats in a high-risk environments was also an issue for our counterparts. 

With a highly skilled team from diverse background from the Navy EOD, NAVY & ARMY SOF EOD and High Threat Search Engineers, as well as the encouragement from some of the world’s finest warriors across the globe, we established Spectac AS in 2014. 

We now design and develop advanced technology, training simulators, advanced NCT training within the fields of C-IED, MNT, EOD SOF integration, CBRNe, WIT/SSE, Mobility and Breaching as well as…

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