Lt. Col. Juergen Pirolt began his military career in October 1990 as a conscript in the Austrian High Mountain Battalion. After successfully completing his time at the Theresian Military Academy, he graduated as a Lieutenant and Maintenance Officer. His first assignments were as a Maintenance Officer and Company Commander in a Logistics Batalion. In 1998 he was transferred to the EOD Training Center of the Logistics School and started his career as an EOD Officer. Since 2004 he has been the Commander of the EOD Training Center. Since 2012 he organized various international courses and exercises in the field of manual neutralisation of IEDs. Since 2018, he is the Director of the multinational European Centre for Manual Neutralisation Capabilities (ECMAN). He served in several missions in Austria as well as abroad as an EOD Team Leader, EOD Platoon Leader and the Commander of a Multinational EOD Coordination Cell.

You have spent a large part of your career serving the Austrian Armed Forces, what do you bring of that experience in your current position, serving many European countries?

First of all…

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