Interview with Maj. Gen. Shunji Yoshino


For the second issue of the NCT Magazine, Anna Paternnosto, Vice President of the CBRNe Society interviewed Maj. Gen. Shunji Yoshino, Commander of the Chemical School of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) to share with our readers how the JGSDF is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and how the organization is facing the ever growing national and international CBRNe threat.

Maj. Gen. Yoshino has served the JGSDF for more than thirty years. Before being appointed as the Commanding General of the JGSDF Chemical School, he served as the instructor of the JGSDF Chemical School, the Commander of the 2nd Chemical Unit, and Chief of the Chemical Office at the Ground Staff Office. His recent noteworthy positions include Director of the Logistic Department of the Western Army Headquarters and Vice Commander of the 15th Brigade. From 2005 to 2008, Maj. Gen. Yoshino also served as the Defense Attaché in the Netherlands. Maj. Gen. Yoshino graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan and attended the commanding and staff activity in the Command & General Staff Course of the Staff College. He undertook the higher military education in the Joint Special Course of the Joint Staff College. Continue reading.