MineWolf Systems’ smallest remote-controlled platform, the Micro MineWolf (MW50) is being
exhibited at Eurosatory this week fitted with its new robotic arm attachment; the latest of the
platform’s multi-purpose attachments for the safe, remote clearance of explosive devices.

The Micro MineWolf is already operational with the tiller attachment for conducting mine clearance
and the vegetation cutter for the removal of heavy vegetation. Today, the platform is being shown
for the very first time with its robotic arm attachment, specially designed for the remote clearance
of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), and physical security
and stockpile management (PSSM) operations. The MW50 will be displayed on the MineWolf
Systems stand complete with the robotic arm, a camera system and a selection of front-end tools for
its various applications.

The MW50 combines the robustness of the larger MineWolf platforms with the mobility and
functionality of an IED robot and can be deployed by vehicle or helicopter to access the remotest
locations. It fills the capability gap between IED/EOD robots and other mine clearance platforms:
sensitive enough for precision tasks and strong enough for heavier duty tasks in harsh environments.

The ability to conduct heavy duty tasks remotely is critical in ensuring operator safety. The type of
tasks the MW50 can tackle include accessing and excavating buried IEDs or unexploded ordnance
(UXO); breaking down physical barriers; inspecting and identifying IEDs in culverts and other hard to
access locations; and disrupting or moving IEDs and UXO safely. It can also facilitate PSSM tasks by
gaining access to collapsed munition depots and safely moving any damaged ordnance in an unstable

If you require any additional information or wish to talk through its various capabilities, please
contact Tanja Reichmuth at t.reichmuth@minewolf.com.

About MineWolf Systems

MineWolf Systems is a leading provider of technologies and services to counter the threats from
landmines and other explosive devices. MineWolf Systems builds its products to the highest
engineering standards at its state of the art production site in Stockach, Germany. MineWolf Systems
was established in 2004 and has an outstanding track record; its platforms have cleared millions of
square metres of contaminated land for armed forces, humanitarian and commercial customers in
over thirty countries worldwide.

The MineWolf, Medium MineWolf, Mini MineWolf and Micro MineWolf platforms can be equipped
with a range of interchangeable attachments for various tasks. Attachments include a flail or tiller
for mine clearance; a remote controlled robotic arm for IED clearance, a runway clearance tool for
removing cluster munitions from airfields and a range of multi-purpose tools (e.g. bucket, dozer
shield, forklift) for other engineering tasks. The company ensures customers are supported in their
operations worldwide through training, technical support, logistics and project management.

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