NCT CBRNe Awards

NCT CBRNe Awards 2014

After the successful launch of the NCT CBRNe Awards in 2013, IB Consultancy, in cooperation with CBNW and MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, is proud to announce the 2014 edition of these prestigious CBRNe prizes. The NCT CBRNe Awards are a unique opportunity for companies and organisations to be rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the CBRNe end-user community.

The NCT CBRNe Awards will be handed out during a spectacular Awards Ceremony at IB Consultancy’s NCT CBRNe Asia 2014 event taking place in October 2014. With an expected 300 delegates attending, including regional government representatives, the event will assemble the most important stakeholders from first responders and government representatives from the Asian region and beyond.

The 2013 contestants represented a diverse audience ranging from research laboratories, international interdisciplinary consortia, government administrations and the CBRNe industry. This year those companies and organisations which have offered great solutions, excellent products and meaningful innovations are once again encouraged to apply for the Awards and to gain peer recognition from their industry colleagues.

The NCT CBRNe Awards Categories

There are four award categories, each of them highlighting specific contributions to the CBRNe Community.

1. The NCT CBRNe Capability Award rewards the country or organisation that has significantly improved its CBRNe capabilities or positively impacted upon the capabilities of another country or organisation, hence contributing to international efforts to counter CBRN threats and proliferation. A global cooperative approach of capability building measures, which are effectively countering most imminent challenges in this field, is therefore an advantage.

In 2013, the Second Line of Defence Initiative of the US Department of Energy was awarded the NCT CBRNe Capability Award for addressing one of the major issues of CBRN proliferation in the 21st century. The initiative significantly contributes to building up international capacities to detect, deter and interdict illicit trafficking of particularly RN materiel.

2. The NCT CBRNe Innovation Award is granted to the most innovative product, service or research project enabling new technologies and approaches in the field of CBRN disaster management and prevention. The respective innovation should be state-of-the-art, offering a new solution or approach for CBRN first responders and analysts.

Last year the NCT CBRNe Innovation Award was won by the REWARD Project. The consortium developed a state-of-the-art radiation detection and surveillance system, offering a perfect solution for end-users to enhance crucial capabilities in RN analysis, risk communication and surveillance in case of radiation incidents.

3. The NCT CBRNe Product Award is for the best CBRNe product, service or solution and can be considered the most prestigious NCT CBRNe Award. From the applicants, the highest level of end-user benefit, reliability and an excellent match between urgent requirements in the field of CBRN defence is expected. The winner of the NCT CBRNe Product Award should fulfil urgent needs and requirements.

In 2013, DxTerity won the NCT CBRNe Product Award for their RediDx technology. Allowing for rapid, large-scale and detailed diagnosis of radiation exposure after a mass-casualty incident, RediDx proved a clear end-user benefit, economic efficiency and an excellent match between requirements and the offered solution.

4. The fourth Award is the NCT CBRNe Community Award. This is the Award for and by the CBRNe Community. In contrast to the first three award categories, this Award is not granted by the jury, but by the CBRNe Community on the basis of peer recognition through various voting rounds in which all representatives from the CBRNe Community can participate. Every company or organisation that has been of great added value to CBRN defence is eligible for the NCT CBRNe Community Award. The Award constitutes a rare opportunity for members of the CBRNe Community to gauge peer recognition for their efforts in making this world a safer and secure place.

In 2013, the Bruker RAID M100 Detector, a Chemical Agent Detector designed to detect Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) on personnel, equipment, platforms and in the environment, won this Award after three voting rounds.

The NCT CBRNe Awards Jury

A distinguished jury will review all application for the NCT CBRNe Awards. The jury comprises of high-level representatives from the international CBRNe community and will be chaired by Guy Roberts (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Policy at NATO). Other jury members so far are: Dr. Zalini Yunus (STRIDE, Malaysia), Mr. Laurent Olmedo (Head of Global Security Research, CEA, France), Lt Col Frank Kaemper (CBRN Defence Desk Officer, Ministry of Defence, Germany), Dr. Dave Sloggett (CBNW Magazine, UK) and Mr. Ilja M.Bonsen (Managing Director, IB Consultancy).

NCT CBRNe Awards 2014 Calendar

Applications for the four Awards Categories is possible between 15 January and 16 May 2014. Afterwards, our distinguished jury will decide on this year’s nominees, which will be announced to the public in June. This year’s NCT CBRNe Awards will be handed out during a spectacular Awards Ceremony in October 2014 during the NCT CBRNe Asia 2014 conference.

Enter the Competition 

Winning one of the NCT Awards is not just an honor it also brings practical benefits. Our supporting media partners will write articles about the nominees and winners. The winners will be invited to join the 2015 NCT Awards Ceremony, seated at the 2014 Winners Table. Furthermore, the nominees and winners will be mentioned in IB Consultancy press releases, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

To enter the competition please send an email to