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After the successful launch of the NCT CBRNe Awards last year at NCT CBRNe Asia 2013 event in Malaysia, IB Consultancy is pleased to announce the nominees of this year’s NCT CBRNe Community Award. The NCT CBRNe Community Award is the Award for the community and by the community for the best product, company or paper, chosen by the CBRNe community via an online competition.

Since February 2014, everyone was allowed to nominate and vote for his favorite product, new technological approaches, groundbreaking research paper or a country/IGO building up its own CBRN capabilities. You and the rest of the CBRNe Community have voted. The NCT CBRNe Awards website ( registered more than 500 votes with the resulting in three nominations for this year’s NCT CBRNe Community Awards. The NCT CBRNe Community Awards Nominees, after the preliminary vote, are:

908 Devices Inc. – M908

The first and only handheld tool utilizing High Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS), M908 provides civilian, federal and military responders with expanded analysis capabilities for CBRNE identification and detection at the point of action. Weighing just 2.0 kg (4.4lbs), M908 boasts an intuitive interface designed for effortless operation in full protective gear. The system’s selectivity allows focus on the most critical compounds and extreme hazards in liquid, solid, and vapor form without the clutter of low-threat background chemicals. Alerts are provided within seconds delivering immediate intelligence on high priority threats and rapid clear down time between measurements means less down time in the hot zone. 

Dr. Lawrence Roberge Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Laboure College, Milton/ Massachusetts – Research Paper ‘INTRODUCED SPECIES AS A FORM OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPON’

This research explored evidence that invasive species (aka Non Indigenous Species-NIS) could be used as a biological weapon (BW). BW attributes include: high virulence coupled with high host specificity; high degree of controllability; lack of timely countermeasures to the attacked population; and ability to camouflage the BW agent with relative ease. According to Dr. Roberge’s research, NIS fit most of these criteria as they are a non-native species introduced into a foreign ecosystem that successfully flourishes and damages the abiotic or biotic factors of that ecosystem. Previous historical events have indicated NIS-BW attacks by eco-terrorists, but present research explores this process based on using ecological niche modeling (ENM) to determine NIS-BW success as well as target selection. The research of Dr. Lawrence Roberge adds value to CBRN defense as it describes a threat to biodefense by using NIS-BW attacks to various targets (e.g. public health, agricultural commodities, ecosystems) and describes countermeasures for biodefense against NIS-BW. 


Bundeswehr/ Joint CBRN Defence Command of the German Armed Forces

As a consequence of the changing security environment, CBRN defense in Germany has gone through a complete overhaul. This resulted in the establishment of the Joint CBRN Defense Command of the German Armed Forces (ABCAbwKdoBw) in April 2013. Based in Bruchsal, this Commando aims to bring all aspects of CBRN Defense together in one unit, commanding two CBRN defence batallions and the CBRN Defense School as a reach-back center of excellence. While being centrally responsible for CBRN defense planning, operational response, training, intelligence, procurement, international certification and cooperation, logistical and organizational obstacles have been dissolved and operational core capabilities have been enforced. The Bundeswehr Joint CBRN Defense Command now functions as the conceptual brain of the Bundeswehr when it comes to CBRN defense and serves as a primary example for CBRN defense corps transformation in order to enhance research and procurement efforts and to attend to respond to most urgent challenges in military CBRN defense worldwide within the scope of NATO and EU.


NCT CBRNe Awards 2014

The winner of the NCT CBRNe Community Award will be elected by you on the website and live by the audience at the NCT CBRNe Awards Gala Dinner taking place during the NCT CBRNe Asia 2014 event in Phnom Penh on October 14, 2014. At this ceremony, the winner will be announced together with the other winners in the Product Award, Innovation Award and Capability Award categories. These categories will be judged by a distinguished jury consisting of Guy Roberts (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Policy at NATO), Lt. Gen. Ke Da (Deputy Director General, National Defense Authority for Chemical Weapons, Cambodia), Dr. Zalini Yunus (STRIDE, Malaysia), Laurent Olmedo (Head of Global Security Research, CEA, France), Lt. Col. Frank Kaemper (CBRN Defence Desk Officer, Ministry of Defence, Germany), Dr. Dave Sloggett (Editor, CBNW Magazine) and Ilja M. Bonsen (Managing Director, IB Consultancy).

Vote now on More information on the Awards Ceremony can be found on


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